Coral Guild

Application Requirements

It is essential applicants:

- Are aged 18 or over
- Possess a fully working microphone/headset with Team Speak 3 downloaded and installed
- Are available for Ranked Warzones at least 4 evenings per week. From 1900 GMT/BST onwards
- Possess a Level 55 Partisan/Conqueror geared character on the European PvP server; Tomb of Freedon Nadd

It is desirable applicants:

- Possess strong PvP (MMO) experience, with excellent knowledge on which stats/spec/rotation/abilities will maximize performance
- Possess a healthy portion of common sense, alongside good awareness, survivability and adaptation skills
- Possess good punctuality by attending RWZs on time, and informing officers if you cannot attend
- Continuously seek to improve and innovate their gameplay
- Receive constructive criticism well and avoid drama

For further information please contact Dhaima or Kevinor in-game or via the forums.

How to Apply

If you've read and understand the above requirements and are interested in joining Coral, post and application on our forums by clicking the button below and following the template shown here.

Apply to Coral